About Melanie Platt – Founder & CEO

Who hasn’t experienced the stress that is moving and renting?  Have you been the one to forget to book a truck and now they are all gone?  Have you been the one to forget to ask the most important question during a showing and now you are stuck with an apartment you are not happy with?  Have you stressed about when and what you need to do leading up to your big move?

My name is Melanie Platt and I am the founder and CEO of Relaxed Renting.  I have moved over 25 times and fully understand what a stressful process it can be!  I have also built a career in property management that has given me a glimpse of what it is like sitting on the other side of the desk.  I want to share all those experiences with you to make your moving process go from stressful to restful!  I believe the best way to ease people’s stress and anxiety is by providing them education and information.  Relaxed Renting is a community for everyone who has experienced this process and will experience it again in the future, only this time without the stress!

Welcome to Relaxed Renting!  I look forward to building a community with you!



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